Jyotirlingam – Triambakeshwar


I had been trying to do this for a long time. Wanted to start somewhere somehow. The only Jyotirlingam I’ve even seen was Rameswaram.  Last visit was sometime in October 2011. After moving to Mumbai, the thought woke up again and one fine day, started with Triambakeshwar.


Popularly known as Trimbak, the temple is located near Nashik. Very Nice roads all through. Mumbai to Nashik is a nice Highway, Via Thane – Kalyan – Bhiwandi – Igatpuri – Ghoti – Nashik – Trimbak. If you are in a quick darshan mood, take the road, have a breezy drive. Park the car, Have Darshan and get back home.

If you are willing to take a little off road, take the left from Ghoti and head to Trimbak in the single road. You’ll just be amazed to see how beautiful is Maharashtra. I went in summers, it was dry but still, when we stopped near the Upper Vaitarna Reservoir, it gave us a glimpse of what the entire plains looked in monsoon. Can’t wait to do this drive again during the monsoons. Upper Vaitarna Reservoir is a such a pretty sight with the high Rocky mountains around. Pictures speak a thousand words, see the pictures below 🙂

Triambakeshwar temple is a old temple. Very different architecture than the Tamil temples for which my eyes and brain are trained, probably hard wired inside. It was a pretty sight to see a temple tower not covered in paint and just with the nature black. This was the first non-south temple where I really had a feeling that I was in a temple. Amazing experience.

The Lingam is a very different shape here. There are three heads inside the Kund. And the Lingam is so down that you have to see it in the mirror placed above. There are a lot of writing on Jyothirlingams and History of temple on the Internet and I’m not gonna be writing on that. The que can become fairly longer, reach early, you’ll do the darshan in a Jiffy.

Beware, there is a scam in the parking area. People come to you and say they will take you near the temple and take you inside through the backdoor of the temple. The distance between the parking area and the temple will not even be 300 mtrs. Ignore and walk. Its a Shiva temple, take the commoner’s route. Security staff were sensible enough to let disabled and old people skip the que.

What was so disappointing for me was the prohibition of Photography in the temple. Its a nice old temple. Thats it.

While coming back, we took a offroad from Ghoti towards the other side and climbed up to Bhandaradara. Nice lake, up above a hill, bad roads for 5 kms and totally nothing in non-season. Looking forward to visit again in the Monsoon to see that magical water falls and Amruteshwar Temple boat ride.

On a whole, Out of 12, 2 blessings received. 10 to Go. Please God, please dont deny me this opportunity.

Next month, Mahakaleshwar and Omkareshwar.

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