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With all the buzz about Anti Eezham, Anti LTTE and Anti Tamil views and remarks on the movie, watched it in Mumbai. I am trying to cut the fluff how much ever possible and just give my views as points.

  • First and Foremost, If you are reading this before watching the movie, Consider this point as a spoiler alert and stop reading further.
  • The movie starts with a bunch of militants attacking a bus full of civilians and shows them being shot in point blank by the militants. I seriously differ on this depiction, twitched.
  • Why JA cries so much for losing the PM, that he has lost everything and becomes drunkard in Kasauli? In fact the movie ends with a fact that he did his job and bureaucracy spoiling it.
  • Siddhartha Basu, Really cant accept him in a serious role like this, does a seriously choppy and average job in acting. That role belongs to the likes of Anupam Kher.
  • Bala character, clear depiction of a traitor. Well played. But why show him as a Tam living in Chennai and then switch back to a Malayali before committing suicide?
  • Anna Baskaran as Prabhakaran, Mallaya as Mathaiya and more similar characters to the Lankan Militants or Rebels.
  • More or less, clear depiction of RG assassination and the aftermath of the incident
  • But my question is, why so much of pro congress and pro RG in the movie? JA cries in the movie and repeats the statement like SRK repeating the cost of Nokia Lumia in Chennai Express.
  • If you have decided to make a movie on sensitive issues, why twitch unwanted facts? If you call a traitor inside R&AW was the reason for the entire Lankan massacre, what are trying to depict here? What is the actual agenda?
  • And there is a massive ad before the movie with RG speaking and it is in DBT. I seriously connect both.
  • And yes, I am a Tamilian, but I dont differ from the view that LTTE was a terrorist organization and they did the RG assassination and how cruel was that. So dont think I’m biased, I am just stepping out of the Hysteric Mob.
  • There are some statements made in the movie that Lankans are Majority and Tamils are Minority, 2009 was a brutal Military Assault and “1000s” of Tamils have been killed or have taken refuge.
  • 1000s ? Seriously? Get your math and facts right. There are 80,000 Registered Refugees in India alone.
  • What about the people who have migrated outside SL but not have ended in India?
  • And why does everyone takes a boat to Jaffna from a “Tiny Coastal town in TN” They all do it with such frequency as if they are taking the Virar Fast on the Mumbai Local.
  • I would like to end with a few big questions
  1. Why this much praise to Rajiv Gandhi. Once he won on Sympathy and he lost on Scam acquisition.
  2. Why such a pride for him? And why this movie has releases at this time when the nation is gearing for elections.
  3. What is the stake of Censors when it comes to a sensitive issue like this? What are the grading methods on which they have certified this movie? Can it be made public?
  4. When the movie talks about IPKLF and Provincial elections, why are you not speaking about the Indian Govt supported Brutal attack of 2009 and the Genocide which is still continuing as per Amnesty International and UN reports.
  5. If you have got these many facts wrong, Why do you use the caption “Intercept the Truth” in the posters.
  6. Now you tell me why I should not think of this worthless shit as a criminally articulated Congress Agenda?

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