I have my mother fighting against breast cancer. We almost went till a moment where we thought we are in a losing game, but touch wood, we are fighting back again. Some one referred an complementing medicine to Alopathic Cancer Treatment, which is more on the Chemo or Radiation. This medication is based on the leaves and bark extract of a commonly growing tree and this treatment has no side effects and pretty simple to follow.

The tree is called as Simarouba Glauca and it is native to South America, Known to grow in the harder terrains and requires no care at all once it actually finds roots after planting. There are a lot of articles on this tree in the net, but they are more on the commercial yields like the oil and fruit pulp etc., but little less on the medicinal properties of the tree. Was googling a lot on this tree and its uses and in specific for some scientific papers on the same and found some. Just wanted to write this post so that it might help others who might find this useful and fighting cancer. Wanted to give a live case scenario based on our use and also the scientific paper which I dig one.

Our Experience.

My Mother is undergoing the Secondary Chemotherapy Treatment and this time she is on Paclitaxel. On Weekly Dosage. For the first weeks, the WBC, Haemoglobin and RBC count where contantly dropping and the common side effect of Nausea and disturbance in Bowel movements and loss of Appetite.

We went and met these people who suggested this treatment and started the Simarouba Leaves treatment along with the weekly chemotherapy. In our Preliminary Chemotherapy which was done in end of 2009, From the third cycle she started getting deteriorating on the above said side effects and got worsened till she completed the sixth Cycle. Not to mention the Loss of Hair and Darkening of Nails.

This time, there was a change. Once we started this therapy, the blood count became normal. There is Loss of hair and darkening of nails, but comparatively, the loss of appetite and disturbance in bowel movements is more or less nil. She cooks her own food and she is on her own. Her Haemoglobin has been always around 8.5 yo 9.5 and WBC above normal levels.

The Tolerance level is much higher and in the CT done in the end of Sixth Cycle in the secondary Chemo, there was a considerable reduction in the Tumor size. In short, We definitely feel its working.

Reference 1


//Another area of research on simarouba and its plant chemicals has focused on cancer and leukemia. The quassinoids responsible for the anti-amebic and antimalarial properties have also shown in clinical research to possess active cancer-killing properties. Early cancer screening performed by the National Cancer Institute in 1976 indicated that an alcohol extract of simarouba root (and a water extract of its seeds) had toxic actions against cancer cells at very low dosages (less than 20 mcg/ml). Following up on that initial screening, scientists discovered that several of the quassinoids in simarouba (glaucarubinone, alianthinone, and dehydroglaucarubinone) had antileukemic actions against lymphocytic leukemia in vitro and published several studies in 1977 and 1978. Researchers found that yet another simarouba quassinoid, holacanthone, also possessed antileukemic and antitumorous actions in 1983. Researchers in the UK cited the antitumorous activity of two of the quassinoids, ailanthinone and glaucarubinone, against human epidermoid carcinoma of the pharynx. A later study in 1998 by U.S. researchers demonstrated the antitumorous activity of glaucarubinone against solid tumors (human and mouse cell lines), multi-drug-resistant mammary tumors in mice, and antileukemic activity against leukemia in mice.//

I googled for some detail on the Quassinoid which is told to be glaucarubinone, the major component in the Simarouba Glauca leaves.

Reference 2


This talks on the AntiCancer properties of Glaucarubinone



A series of glaucarubinone analogues, obtained from natural sources as well as synthesized by us, were studied both in vitro and in vivo. The focus of the in vitro assessment was to define solid tumor-selective compounds by quantitating differential cytotoxic activity between murine and human solid tumor cells and either murine leukemia or normal cells. Subsequent in vivo studies were aimed at determining the therapeutic efficacy of these analogues against the murine models. Structure-activity analysis consequent to both the in vitro and in vivo studies demonstrated that few changes could be made in the parent glaucarubinone structure (outside of the C-15 position) without abrogating either cytotoxicity or potency. However, significant changes could be made at the C-15 position which modified, either enhanced or diminished, in vitro differential cytotoxicity, potency, human solid tumor selectively, and differential cytotoxicity to a MDR-expressing murine mammary tumor.


This is a published Medical Article in the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

To Conclude, When you actually see your near and dears struggling with a chronic disease, you tend to do anything and everything possible to keep the pain down. This is was one such try which has made me feel that it has done some help to her. Sharing my experience so that it might be useful to someone some where.

Photograph Courtesy : Ed Weislo,


Re-Edited – 1st Sep 2014

Mom Passed away in May 2012. I really dont know if Simarouba worked or not. But one thing is sure. She had a less painful death in my honest opinion. Till 10 Days before she passed away, she was cooking her own food and was on her own. She was in her full senses till the last few days. Doctors gave her a time line of 18 Months when she was diagnosed and she fought for 34 Months.

I consider this entire episode as Hope. When you have nothing else to do than to hope, why not try this? All the best to all fighting souls out there.





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  1. Sir,

    Thank you very much for sharing the information. I would like to inform that all the details about SIMAROUBA / LAKSHMI TARU is available with Dr Syamsundar Joshi who resides in Bangalore. He can be contacted on phone 080 2333 5813 or email
    The message may be spread thro word of mouth so that many more people are benefitted and we make a CANCER FREE world.

    • I am now living in singapore. My sister is suffering from breast cancer since 2003 and she took chemo at least 13 times. Now she is very sick and cannot manage with chemo. How can I get simarouba? I want to get the latest product. Let me collect the product please.

      • HI, Just met Dr. Shyamsundar. He was kind enough to explain every aspect of this Medicinal plant.

        He gave handful plant powder dry. yeah but he charged Rs. 1000/- per pack sufficient for one month.

        You can also do this by your own, just google out abt this plant and collect plant leaves and branches, just give shade dry in your house room and make it into powder form by mixer grinder.

        take two table spoon of this powder add into 250mL of water and keep overnight, morning just warm it and take 100mL filtered solution of it empty stomach, and remaining 150mL just heat again and drink like coffee.
        The powder left out in the filtered bag can be soaked again and used in the night in the same manner = both the time u have to take by gargling it for few times and then drink.

        remaining left out powder in the filtered bag can be used once again by adding 100mL water and soaked overnight and except patient any other person can have this juice now.


      • You can get Simarouba bark powder (predominantly used for cancer treatment) processed scientifically for treating cancer. If you can e-mail me latest PET scan report (photos not required) along with the discharge certificate relating to last chemotherapy, definite dosage can be prescribed. My e-mail ID: Any person associated with you in Bengaluru who can collect this powder since I am in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India ?

        • I promptly replied you as below:

          Shankara Rao T S says:
          January 20, 2015 at 9:13 pm
          You can get Simarouba bark powder (predominantly used for cancer treatment) processed scientifically for treating cancer. If you can e-mail me latest PET scan report (photos not required) along with the discharge certificate relating to last chemotherapy, definite dosage can be prescribed. My e-mail ID: Any person associated with you in Bengaluru who can collect this powder since I am in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India ?

          If you are interested in getting my assistance, please reply with details forthwith

          Best Wishes

      • The below doctor cured 3 cancer patients as i know. please consult him on phone and explain.

        Dr BV Narayan’s cell phone number is now:
        91 94494 69299

        He is available Wednesday to Sunday, any time between 6:00 AM and 2:00 PM to discuss.

        +(91)-8251-2232279 B.v. Narayana Clinic, Puttur HO, Puttur, karnataka – 574201 India. Ayurvedic Doctors 07:00 am to 04:00 pm …more N/A

  2. As I am using Simaruba madicen since one month n am feeling very good result with it, and no kemo, no madicen , only the dicoction of simaruba is enough . for rectal cancer, even up to 4th stage patent can take and be happy with full cure of cancer, if i say only to Dr.Shyamsundar jooshi ji the god of all cancer peoples, it will be very less to say, there is no words to explain and express, thank you SIR SHYAMSUNDAR JOSHI JI, thanx a lot…

    with regards

  3. am intrested working on this plant and already i read so many artical related with asking shysunder sir to give details or some clinical report and succuse stories related with simarouba

    • Dr Anitha – Lots of research work has been undertaken world wide – including medicinal properties. I am a close associate of Dr Joshi and to know success stories, you need to visit him since he has got written comments from those who have reaped immense benefits after consuming Simarouba decoction.

  4. my mother is suffering from 4th stage of cervical cancer. She is on chemo & cant be given radiataion as she was given the same last year. we stay in mumbai. Can anyone please tell me how can i get the simarouba? Can that be couriered?

  5. Hi,
    My Mother is also suffering from Cervical cancer of 4th stage,doctors said that no more treatments will be given at this stage as she has lots of swelling & Pain in both her legs and she cant walk, she is taking simarouba for past 3 weeks I am very restless I want to know if this can be cured at 4th stage? please reply if some one has gone thru such situation ?

    • hi vniths,
      My mother is also facing the same situation like yours n she is also taking samirouba. Just have patience is what i can say as am doing the same thing. v both are sailing in the same boat. since its a herb, then it may take time to show results. But just ensure she is having the recommended doses as per the instructions. Just keep her motivated & make her feel special. It helps a lot. Though my mother is also at 4th stage but her condition is stable. All bcoz of the will power & keeping her happy. We have also tried music n that helps a lot. For me to comment more on samirouba will be difficult as i have just started sometime back. But u can try other things to boost her self confidence n remember to make her feel wanted & special. It will help her a lot.

      • Dear Abhinav,

        could you please provide details regarding the usage of the plant for cancer patients. this is for my friend who is suffering from glioblastoma multiforme and now undergoing radiation after the surgery. I have read the decoction of leaves is being used as the medicine. but i wish to know how many times in a day it has to be consumed, how many leaves have to be taken for preparing the decoction.. etc. if you or anybody can help, please do the same at the earliest.



        • Dear Unnikrishnan,
          Well, as far as the Medicine is concerned, it is suppose to be given once a day. In this blog, you can also get the contact details of the Dr. Who provides this medicine. When you place the order, you get a cd, booklet, leaves and seeds. It will give all the information on how you can make the decoction. I had ordered last year but my mother was at last stage, hence she could not take it after few dosage. Unfortunately, she is no more. Perhaps, if you want, I can send it to you as the leaves are still with me. Would be more than happy to assist you in that way. But before I send, you please contact the Dr. And check if that will be fine to use the leaves which is so old. If the Dr. suggest, then please send me your address.

        • Hi Unnikrishnan,
          We are considering this treatment for my mother who has been diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme as well. Did your friend try out this treatment? Is he/she benefiting from it (or it might be too early to tell)? So far, my mother hasn’t responded to the conventional therapy of surgery/radiation/chemo, and there was a recurrence of the tumour, and she’s had a second surgery last week.
          Just curious to know whether Simarouba has proven effective for anyone with GBM. Thanks for your response. Regards, MC.

          • I think it is too early to tell about the effect of simarouba on my friend. he underwent surgery and 30 radiation and now undergoing chemotherapy. (tablets). he is a bulky man and the the side effect of radiation left him more bulky. according to the doctors it will take atleast 6 months to return to the normal body position. his present main problems are head ache and fade vision.

  6. hi ….am frm hyderabad..pls anyone tell me abt dis medicine..anyone got relief from dis…reply as soon as possible..i want to try it for my mom based on ur valuable suggestions…9052985376

  7. father is suffering from colon cancer with liver his body condition is so weak to have chemo..loss of appetite, weight loss, sleep less and so tired .. Will this leaf help to over come these problems there any hope for complete cure??.. Can this b used along with chemotherapy ??

  8. can someone tell me that whether this medicine works on MULTIPLE MYELOMA i.e bone marrow cancer.My father suffering from this disease.

  9. Anybody need simarouba saplings….we can give…we have already 1.5 lakh saplings…contact.
    Nishad,Aleppey,Kerala Mob. 09846335888. 09645860606

  10. I really appreciate Professor Syamasundar Joshi and his wife Professor Shantha Joshi both professors now retired at University of Argiculture near R T Nagar fly over, Bangalore who have extensively done research on Simarouba Glauca also called Lakshmi Taru in Bangalore. But who ever goes to his home to collect leaves of this tree he charges very high amount. To impress people, he will give 60 ml of liquid juice extracted from this Simarouba tree leaves to drink and says this much drink cost 25 dollars (Rs 1250 in INDIA) in USA which i am giving you free of cost. After hearing your cancer patient story he will give packet of leaves might be around half kg and collects Rs 1000/- from you. He says daily make decoction of 22 leaves and drink 3 times. I have given you leaves for a period of one month and once this is over, come next month to collect the same amount of leaves. Next month again he will take Rs 1000/- from you and gives the same amount of leaves. He says this you need to do till the patient is alive. Along with this leaves he will give few seeds of 10 to 15 in number of this plant and says grow for yourself this plant so that once it becomes tree don’t come to me for leaves. Again for this seeds he will take Rs 200 or Rs 300. He wont give any bills for this and he does the same for all the guys who come for leaves. Off course this leaves extracted juice will help cancer patients but he bluffs a lot and charges huge money which goes unaccounted. Just by staying 2 hours in his home in R T Nagar, i saw he collected more than 20,000 from different people by giving this leaves. This Simarouba Glauca tree you can find in Lalbagh, Agriculture campus near R T nagar, Art of living Ashram in Bangalore. PLEASE DONT GET CHEATED BY THIS PROFESSOR SYAMASUNDAR JOSHI WHO IS MINTING MONEY BY SELLING THIS PLANT LEAVES WHICH IS AVAILABLE FREE EVERYWHERE.

    • It is unfortunate that people having received benefits from Prof Joshi and Prof Shantha are expressing this way. As a student and colleague of respected Professor Joshi, I say with all honesty that it was and it is Professor Shamsundar Joshi who propagated the Simarouba glauca trees first in UAS GKVK and next in other parts of the State. The Professor couple is the motivating force for propagation. I have personally seen Professor Joshi bringing a heap of dried simarouba leaves gathered on his back. What ever he may be charging is certainly not for profit, since neither he nor any Professor from UAS is of such a type, making livelihood this way. Since so many leaves are fallen they need to be gathered and that needs labor. Labor is expensive and must be paying for the poor laborers and nothing else. Public should not be mislead by such opinions, who having realized the benefits, must not betray such honest Professors and their altruistic intent to cure cancer. Cancer patients spend thousands and lakhs paying allopathic doctors and for laboratory and diagonistic tests, without any hesitation, but will comment on honest intentions of Professor Joshi. Who will propagate the plant, who will collect the leaves, who will educate them spending breathe and sweat. If Prof Joshi had not taken this lead, Simarouba glauca would not have been as popular and would not have served the cause of cancer patients as is now. What ever charges Prof Joshi is taking is nominal and no patient be mislead by such statements. I have known Professor Joshi who is ethical, humane ,non commercial and altruistic.
      In general people would like to pay heavy amounts for allopathy despite the side effects, and will hesitate and also spread wrong messages on plant based medicines, which is unfortunate. I pray to all to visit Prof Joshi and appreciate his efforts rather than doubting and hesitating to visit. I have seen many patients expressing their comfort after taking the medicine and never complaining this way regarding the cost which does not even form 10 percent of the cost of allopathic treatment and in addition, relieves the terrible aftermath and side effects of chemo.

  11. I really Do not agree with Roopali’s comments. I have been interacting with Mr. Joshi for the past 4 Yrs & I have noticed the results in my family member. He is very knowledgeable. One should appreciate the time, effort, knowledge he spends on this topic

  12. Yes i do agree with Hoysala,, Rupali.. just dont spread bad rumours.. and spoil motivation of patients. Better keep it yourself.. if you feel wrong..

  13. I agree with Roopali. We live in the US, just now my father-in-law informed us that he visited Dr. Joshi a few days ago and narrated the same experience that Roopali has stated here. Looks like the guy is making a fortune selling the leaves. What a way to make money!!! charging $1,000 for a bag of leaves. But, I have also heard that the leaves are effective against cancer.

    • We spend lakhs of rupees for alopathy treatment and scaning. Hospitals and pharma companies mint money from cancer patients. We have no problem. But spending 1,000 rupees every month for leaves and bark of this plant hurts us. So sad. I met dr joshi 3 days back. I got more information about this disease from him than my doctor who charges rs 700 as consultation fee for every visit. My mom is undergoing cancer treatment (chemo and radiation). Started with liver secondaries. During chemo, it has spread to brain. We spent rs 4.5 lakh in the last 7 months, but no result. For me it doesn’t hurt spending 1k every month on this. I don’t feel cheated.

      • You are right. People who comment on giving small sums of money – say Rs 1000/- or so that too for 30 to 45 days medicine can never be compared to fortune which people spend on alopathy medicine. People are really talking rubbish – through their hat and irresponsibly when they pass loose comments on Dr Joshi. If they feel giving Rs 1000/- is too large who the hell asked them to go to Dr Joshi ?? Most of the money collected by him goes for maintenance of Simarouba Plants in GKVK since GKVK administration does not spend even a rupee !! Gentleman talking rubbish from US must check and ascertain in US that one ounce of Simarouba extract costs US $ 22/- approx whereas one month medicine from Dr Joshi costs less than U$ $17/- . Gentleman who is complaining on cost if he has courage & conviction- leave his job in US and supply freely Simarouba leaves / bark else shut his mouth !!

      • Updates… Its almost one 3 weeks we started with Sima rouba. She had liver and bone secondaries and had 6 cycles of chemo( paclitaxel and carboplatin). Final CT and MRI says it has spread to brain, but liver and bone is better. She was dis oriented and hospitalized. She was on steroids and radiation. After radiation, she was bed ridden. We again started chemo, this time different drug, gemcitabine and cisplatin. Doctor said brain penetration for chemo is very less, but keep hopes and given first dose chemo. Doctor said, if platelet count goes down, we have to move chemo schedule. This is when we started Sima rouba.
        3 weeks now, we finished 4 sessions of chemo as per schedule. Good improvements in blood count. She is able to sit on the bed. Dis orientation has gone. She is talking normally and able to recognise people. My colleague’s father had same cancer, and expired last sunday. He was on alopathy drug only. He was physically fit last year. From last 15 days we are also giving some ayurvedic medicine alongwith simarouba. I am not sure if sima rouba or ayurveda or chemo is working. I even don’t know if her cancer is getting cleared as we have not done scanning again. But her quality of life ( as well as ours) is improving. I would continue both ayurveda and sima rouba. According to me, any one of these or both have helped her to survive till now. As this is her third occurance of cancer in the last 6 yrs, i do not believe alopathy has cure for cancer anymore.

    • Stop your tirade against Dr Joshi. You may stay in US that does not mean that you should talk so low about a person who has spent many many years in doing research on Simarouba and thrown to general public his research work – what a magnanimity? If he was mean he could have the world under his feet. He collects Rs 1000/- ( US $ 17/- approx) per lot and not $ 1000/- ( Rs 60,000/- approx at current parity) for up-keeping the plants / pay labour. If you feel he is charging so much as you are putting – quit your job in US and try if you make such a fortune for selling leaves. Stop talking rubbish on Dr Joshi and shut your bad mouthing forthwith – thereby help people who need Simarouba for a upkeep of health.

    • Whenever you write please check what you have written. Who in this world can charge $ 1000 ! I have not seen Prof Joshi charging this. Who will give him this money? Who can take a bag of leaves? Kindly have common sense. The charge at the most be Rupees one thousand and not $ 1000. I appeal to people to have some common sense when they write.

      • Dear Mr Chandrakanth – people talking rubbish or ill about Dr Joshi’s are doing a great dis-service to humanity. Such idiots fully intoxicated or insane can only use such abusive language against Dr Joshi. Dr Joshi collects Rs 1000/- less than US $ 17/- for a bag of leaves for a month – and the money so collected is spent in up-keeping the plants by the labor who are not supported by the authorities.Why the bloke – who is speaking nonsense against Dr Joshi NOT quit his job in US, sell leaves and become a billionaire overtaking narcotics trade rampant in south of US !!. He should apologise to Dr Joshi for using such a language – which is unbecoming of him & shows a very poor family culture. If Dr Joshi were to collect US $ 1000/- as alleged by the bloke, he would not be putting his entire research in public domain – he could have sold and made billions. A cancer patient to day spends on an average plus side of US $ 5000/- a month as opposed to less than US $ 17/- a month with no side effects. So if someone cannot do good to society should not do bad at least !!

  14. I know Dr Shyamasundar Joshi since last 6 years, he and his wife have done commendable research on Simarouba for almost two decades. Simarouba is NOT an indigenous plant and with only 4 to 5 seeds which he got from Vice-Chancellor of UAS Bangalore, 20 to 25 years back, India can boast of many million Simarouba plants / trees. If he was greedy and money minded, minting money as I could see from several comments, they are talking rubbish and nonsense. He has put his research work in public domain and if he was greedy then he would have kept the same himself and sold the same to a fortune!. UAS has been his research ground and has helped millions of farmers. If a person from US says that Dr Joshi is charging $ 1000/- per bag of leaves, he is talking through his hat and he does not know the fact. He must have confused with what Art of Living run by Sri Sri in Bangalore who is selling commercially simarouba decoction at US $ 22 per Oz – same as that charged in US. University run by him gets the Simarouba saplings at through away price Rs 10 to 20/- each from GKVK – UAS Bangalore and sells the same at astronomical value. Sri Sri Institute of Agricultural Sciences & Technology has virtually taken totally the research data of Dr Joshi and has come out publications in several languages including HIndi. Cancer treatment by far is not cheap by any standards in alopathy and simplistic treatment at a very low price is possible with Simarouba. So a person spending Rs 500/- or so to collect leaves / bark must necessarily understand how the stocks with him get replenished – by growing Simarouba in various outside GKVK-UAS. Dr Joshi will incur costs to grow for replenishment and transport the same to his place for distribution after processing. I strongly insist and condemn those who indulge in passing loose comments on Dr Joshi for whatever small money he collects for upkeep of plants, If one is not prepared to pay that even, better shut-up and chose alternates rather than passing loose / wild comments. One must understand NOTHING comes free on earth and specially if someone really wants to get benefit of health from Simarouba he / she must pay the small sums which is infinitesimal when compared to cost of alopathic medicine.

    • Anyone looking for standardized Simarouba Glauca Extract ??? NUTRAPOTENT DS is 500 mg of Simarouba Glauca Extract for cancer patients. Quassinoids are standardized to Glaucarubinone, Alianthinone, Holacanthone and Dehydroglaucarubinone.. Contact , email cell. 09446553366

      • Extract is from which part of Simarouba Tree ? Is there any Store in Bangalore for people to buy ? Cost per unit of extract ? Package / Container size relevant to Cost ? Appreciate your reply

        • NUTRAPOTENT DS is Simarouba Glauca extract 40:1 ratio is imported from Peru. The active ingredient in Simarouba Glauca is the Quassinoids – Glaucarubinone, Alianthinone, Holacanthone and Dehydroglaucarubinone. Indian grown Simarouba Glauca don’t have the Quassinoids level as much as the Simarouba Glauca trees grown in South America. There for better efficacy, we import it from the south america.

        • Anyone looking for standardized Simarouba Glauca Extract ??? NUTRAPOTENT DS is 500 mg of Simarouba Glauca Extract for cancer patients. Quassinoids are standardized to Glaucarubinone, Alianthinone, Holacanthone and Dehydroglaucarubinone. NUTRAPOTENT DS is Simarouba Glauca extract 40:1 ratio is imported from Peru. The active ingredient in Simarouba Glauca is the Quassinoids – Glaucarubinone, Alianthinone, Holacanthone and Dehydroglaucarubinone. Indian grown Simarouba Glauca don’t have the Quassinoids level as much as the Simarouba Glauca trees grown in South America. Therefore, better efficacy, we import Simarouba Glauca extract from the South America. For more information or purchase contact or 09446553366 or 08867673737. email

  15. Please don,t talk rubbish about the Dr Shyamsundar Joshi. He is spending his valuable time on this wonderful service to people. Just imagine how much cancer patients are spending on treatments in the Hospitals and inspite of which there is no gaurentee for life. However this decotion helps a lot for cancer patients and it is my own experience which improves the quality of life of the patients and some cancers are completely cured. Please think before you say something about the other person. Don,t speak whatever nonsense comes to your mind.

  16. Hi All, My mom is suffering from stomach cancer b\w 3 to 4 th stage, We r giving ayurvedic medicin from puttur ( Dr BV Narayan, Most of the people r taking medicin from him since 20 years). Apart from this can i get this Simarouba treatment to my mother ? Please reply

    • Yes. You Can get Simarouba – herbal medicine in Bangalore. You can call-up Dr Shyamasundar Joshi – Mobile: # 9448684021 or Shankara Rao – Mobile # 9900197819. No need to bring your mother and on behalf some one can with all medical reports.

  17. Hi Shankara, Thanks for your Kind reply. I just wanted to know one thing, Can Simarouba cures completly who is having in b\w 3 to 4 stage also? is there any cases as example ?. And yesterday I had called up to Dr Joshi and got address also.

    • Hi Krishna – Simarouba can certainly cure cancer up to early stages of Cancer – stage 3. Recovery / recuperation entirely depends on the type / nature of treatment your mother has undergone. When you say stomach cancer – which part of stomach? – any huge tumor inside ? – has she under gone surgery for removal of tumor ? any radiation given ? has PET scan taken at the time of diagnosis – position of spread ( metastasis) etc.,?. Unless reports are seen and analyzed one cannot blindly give you the confidence of she coming back to normal health. A senior person aged around 78 years – with prostrate cancer – written-off by Vellore Hospital – came back to life and started cycling after taking Simarouba and lived up to 82 years. Later he died of heart attack after he fell down from steps. I gave Simarouba bark powder dosages to the person who lived up to 82 years. His son is an IT-pro works for HCL Technologies and currently in USA.

      • Krishna, its important to track the progress. Even alopathy oncologist try different chemo drug when one is not working as per expectation. Its all depends on patients anatomy. Carefully observe patient, ask how patient is feeling, review periodic scan report.

    • Hi krishna, my father also diagnosed with stomach cancer stage 4, i happened to meet dr Joshy. Would you please share the health condition of your mother after taking simarouba

  18. Dear All,
    I have known Dr. Joshi for last 25 yrs as he was my professor at UAS Bangalore and also a family friend. I can vouch for his selfless service. He is one of those who is wedded to researching on Simarouba and has done yeoman service. Casting aspersions is not right and it speaks of the ignorance / hollowness of those who fancy in passing unwanted comments on people who are doing service to mankind. I agree with Shankar Raos’ comments on the service rendered by Dr. Joshi.
    Manoj Singlachar

    • Dear Manoj Singlachar .. Thanks for agreeing with my views on Dr. Joshi. I am closely working with Dr Joshi on spreading awareness about Simarouba and its uses – both medicinal as well as environmental benefits. In fact March 2014 this year I called both Dr Joshi & Mrs Dr Joshi to our house for him to inaugurate a machine – which I got the same fabricated to meet my requirements – powdering, bark,leaves & richies – more user friendly products. I know Dr. Joshi for the last 6 six years and I am in touch with him regularly. He is a selfless man and dedicated all his research work to mankind – to reap benefits of Simarouba.

  19. My mom has cancer so we would like to take appointment
    Can I have your address details and we can visit you we are from Mumbai

    • Hi Sushant, Presently I am holidaying with my son’s family in Toronto Canada and I will be back to Bengaluru by 15th Jan 2015. You have two options to decide:

      Option 1: You can talk to Dr Shyamasundar Joshi – doyen of Simarouba – in Bengaluru – phone: 080-23335813 / mobile: 9448684021 – fix-up time with and meet him with all reports for medicine.
      Option 2 : You can e-mail ( me copy of reports – diagnosis / CT scan or PET Scan or MRI report / Haematology report with current WBC / RBC counts / has undergone any operation – then discharge summary etc., On receipt I will quickly analyse and advise my friend with whom I have kept the medicine for catering to needs of people who are taking it – to courier the same to you to Mumbai
      Simarouba normally cures fully any type of cancer upto stage III. Whatever it is worth trying this low cost medicine which will surely of great help in fighting cancer. October 2014 issue of magazine ” Harmony – Celebrating age” published by India Today group now owned by Reliance Mumbai carries two pages of my interview excerpts – on Simarouba. Before I left for Toronto, I was interviewed at my Bangalore residence by a journalist from Hyderabad.

      Believe in Simarouba for cancer cure as it is like having faith ij your house Deity.

      Best wishes
      Shankara Rao

  20. I would like to thank my cousin who gave reference of Dr Joshi and want to inform all about the blessing received by simarouba. MY dad aged 78 years was diagnosed by leukemia due to his age factor Dr informed that he is unfit for treatment. Medicine to bring down WBC count has lowered his blood counts and blood transfusion was the only option and we were doing it. After taking simarouba decoration there was a drastic change in his is life and whole family has been in shock to see the weekly CBC report. Daringly I stopped all medicines now its been one and a half month , WBC is fixed , platelet being normal and HB is improving. It is a miracle, Kindly contact me ( so I can share all the reports to increase confidence level to take this medicine.

    • I am extremely delighted to see your mail that Simarouba has given such a relief to your father and is bringing him on a good health regime. Please spread the good news about the power of Simarouba as a medicine to as many people as possible to reap the health benefits from this Divine Herbal Plant. I am also a fan of Simarouba and I am trying to spread the awareness to as many people as possible since last few years. Good luck

      • Hi Shankara Rao, Thank you for support ! Yes I want to spread this in very very large scale as it is very economic and effective.If I recall the words exchanged with Dr’s I go mad. we have spent around 3lakhs + in span of 3 months and I visited almost all the reputed hospitals in Bangalore for second opinion, but none of them gave confidence nor agreed to treat just by seeing his age. The treating Dr in Reputed Nursing home just insisting us to get him discharged and take him home. Dr Joshi a boon for cancer patients told to throw me all medicines to dustbin after seeing his report and I was shocked to see such a confidence in him, as I visited Many Dr’s before just used to tell, He has lived his life – Why you worry ? My message may look promotional to others, but I know the Trauma which I have undergone as a SON and hence I shared my ID and who ever want to meet and see the reports kindly contact me. I am great full to “Mother SImarouba ” as Dr Joshi says always.

        • Thanks for your mail. Yes I know the trauma one undergoes in taking care of kith n kin suffering from a terminal disease as today nursing home and so called qualified doctors neither give confidence nor willing to say actual condition of the patient except to say take the person home. Many – a – times, blindly they administer such medicines which patients cannot tolerate but will be forced upon and the patient becomes weak and the nutrients are not given. Any alopathy treatment kills both cancer and non cancer cells and the recuperation not only takes a long time but the weakness increases. Your message is absolutely alright and no need to bother about others as long as the message reaches those who aspire for. I came in contact with Dr Joshi – about 8 years back after the death of my beloved partner. He spent almost entire day with me giving me full account of Simarouba including the research work of both Dr Joshi & his wife Dr Mrs Joshi through power point presentation. Since then I am in a very small way taken-up mission “Simarouba” closely interacting with Dr Joshi regularly. I have taken up strongly against all those detractors of Dr Joshi who have spoken so low about him through this blog only. ” Mother Simarouba” is here to protect all of us.

  21. Hi Shankara Rao – You are right and I have decided to spread awareness in very large scale and started doing it! If I recall my Trauma of 2 months, I really go mad! I visited almost all the leading and reputed hospitals of Bangalore when our Dr who was treating my father insisted to get discharge , I didn’t get any answer of confidence – Just Dr’s use to tell he has lived his life and why you worry ? but when I met Dr Joshi , I can’t explain in words he told : throw your medicines to dustbin!!! and he proved it. My words may look like promotional nor artificial and hence I shared my e-mail id to communicate nor share reports to others. I request all ,Just blindly go by ” Mother Simarouba”.

    • Continuing with endeavour to reach more people, one of the journalist – not known to me came all the way from Hyderabad to talk to me about Simarouba since I understand she came across a few people talking about the health benefits what they got after taking Simarouba medicine from me. She came to my house in July 2014 and spent more than two hours to know about the herb and my small efforts in popularising this. To my excerpts of my interview has been published in a magazine ” Harmony – Celebrate Age” published by India Today group Mumbai now owned by Ambanis. Also I have planted scores of Simarouba saplings in my friend’s farms as well as in the premises of a couple of Industries in Bengalure & Tirupathi. I must have distributed more than 500 saplings free to every one who came to pick-up Simarouba from me. When I return from Toronto – Canada, I have drawn up bigger mission on promotion through Rotary Bangalore since I am a Rotarian. So I request every like minded friends to take a pledge to grow at least one Simarouba Tree in their houses – both as a medicinal plant as well as to improvement around us with fresh air to breathe. Thanks

    • “Leaf Doctor” – nick name given to me the people who came to collect “Simarouba Leaves” from me when I started my activity way back in 2008. From then I have travelled the distance in constant discussions with / guidance from Dr Shyamasundar Joshi – doyen of Simarouba in Indian context. Even today me & Dr Joshi have constant dialogue on various methodology we should adopt to spread message on Simarouba. On her having come to know from couple of people from Hyderabad – who have taken the Simarouba medicine, Mrs Shymola Khanna came exclusively to meet me to Bangalore & have a dialogue. Dialogue resulted in excerpts of the interview appearing in “Harmony – Celebrate Age” – October 2014 issue published by India Today group. My address : Shankara Rao T.S, # 61/5, Bhavani, BBMP 4th Main Road, Doddabommasandra, Near Renukamba Temple, Vidyaranyapura P.O., Bangalore 560 097. Phone: 080-2838 1819 / 2345 4829 / Mobile: 99001 97819 E-mail: Presently I am Toronto – Canada with my sons’ family and will return to Bangalore by mid-January 2015. If you want Simarouba medicine, I have given the stock to my friend in Bangalore, who will dispense the medicine upon my advise. I have made this arrangement to help people depending on me for taking continuous dosages. For cancer, I dispense bark powder combination. So please e-mail all the reports from diagnosis / PET scan or MRI or Ultrasound reports/ Haematology report/ whether undergone surgery / chemotherapy / radiation etc., if you are interested. Best Wishes

    • Leaf Doctor : Shankara Rao T S, – Mobile: 990197819 – Land line: 080-2838 1819 / 2345 4829 – Currently I am abroad with my family- Toronto Canada & will be back by mid January 2015 – no one to receive phones. I have made arrangements for dispensing Simarouba medicine in Bangalore to cater to those requiring repeat medication. My friend will send the medicine by courier if you need or you can collect personally -if you are in Bangalore. He will do so upon my instructions – if you wish to take, you need to e-mail : full reports for me to study & advise dosages.

    • Leaf Doctor address : Shankara Rao T.S, # 61/5, Bhavani, BBMP 4th Main Road, Doddabommasandra, Near Renukamba Temple, Vidyaranyapura P.O., Bangalore 560 097. Phone: 080-2838 1819 / 2345 4829 / Mobile: 99001 97819 E-mail:

    • Leaf Doctor : Shankara Rao T S, – Mobile: 990197819 – Land line: 080-2838 1819 / 2345 4829 – Currently I am abroad with my family- Toronto Canada & will be back by mid January 2015 – no one to receive phones. I have made arrangements for dispensing Simarouba medicine in Bangalore to cater to those requiring repeat medication. My friend will send the medicine by courier if you need or you can collect personally -if you are in Bangalore. He will do so upon my instructions – if you wish to take, you need to e-mail : full reports for me to study & advise dosages.

  22. I am growing this tree in large quantity and most of them have fruited. The land i grow this tree is very sunny , 100% Eco friendly with no chemicals and adjacent to forest. The quality of leaves is very good as per the feedback I am receiving from the the users who take the leaves from me. The leaves are collected only from the fruited trees and are dried in shade. Contact Mrs.Neena Jagadeesh at +919946796446 for more details

  23. Hi to all,

    Can any one can tell which food we should not eat while taking Simarouba Leaves decoction.
    my mobile no is 8867785061.

    it will be great help me if i get quick reply.


    • When some one is on Simarouba medication, both non-veg & drinks must be avoided. This is because, toxins in non-veg as well as malt extractions in liquor – will delay Simarouba medicine from acting on the human system. Other than this, there are no other food restrictions.
      For best results – Simarouba leaves decoction to be taken in the empty stomach in the morning after brushing teeth – drink decoction – leave a gap of 35 to 40 minutes and the drink water. This is because between dinner (previous night) and breakfast in the following morning, liver is empty and will be waiting for inputs and this is the time when Simarouba decoction is taken absorption of medicine will be higher. Then you can be on your own to take breakfast/beverages. If you are take Simarouba decoction other than morning dosage, you can space the same between 6 to 8 hours depending on the intensity of the ailment. So every time you consume decoction in addition to morning dosage, you should leave a gap of 35 – 40 minutes before and after Simarouba decoction.
      If you have any further clarification, please feel to contact me on my mail: as I am out of the country at present and call me on my mobile 9900197819 after 10th Feb 2015 when I am back to Bengaluru.

      • Dear dr shankara,

        My father is diagnosed with stomach cancer stage 4, he is undergoing chemotherapy 2nd cycle from yesterday. In addition to this I have already got simarouba and giving him. I just would like to know as to how to go further, whether Chemo will be required with simarouba.

        Thank you

        • Dear Ali,

          You had a detailed tele-conversation with me this morning about your father’s case. Since you have already contacted my mentor Dr Shyamasunadar Joshi & got Simarouba, I advise you to follow his instructions – as he is my mentor too.

  24. Hello all concerned,
    I am Dr.Bhaskaran from Coimbatore practicing Ayurveda/herbal medicines since last 24 years. I am very glad to note the above positive comments on herbal medicine. It is high time for us to come back to Mother Earth Blessed herbals and herbal medicines for recovering from various diseases for which the modern medicine could not provide proper treatments effectively. My hearty big salute to the above mentioned veterans/doctors who stood strongly in promoting herbals facing boldly all odds, for our benefits.

    I am specialized in Skin diseases like Psoriasis, Eczema, Dry skin, Burns etc with my own Research based herbal products.

    Dr.Bhaskaran PK. (ID:

  25. i am living in NCR Delhi and i have heard about this plant.i wanted to grow this plant for my daughter treatment.\how i can get this plant from Allepay.this plant is also available in ebay. will it be genuine.After contacting some no at \allepy, i have come to know that capsules and powder is also available.\can any one tell about the avlability in delhi.

    • I suggest you contact Indian Council of Agricultural Research New Delhi to know places around Delhi where Simarouba is grown – since Simarouba is grown in Uttar Pradesh / Rajasthan though I can talk about Bengalure where the basic research on Simarouba in Agricultural University Bengaluru has taken place in India – Simarouba is grown in large parts of Karnataka. Don’t get through eBay since plant cannot sustain & will prove useless when it arrives. one my friends’ took the plants personally from Bengaluru to Raipur Chhattisgarh which took almost 47 hours of travel – plants did not survive.

  26. We are supplying Simarouba capsules, powder,dry leaves and saplings.And also avail the courier/speed post facility.
    Green leaves ,Aleppey Kerala

    • Hi vinu here we heard that 6 years old tree leaves to be used is it true .will you be able to provide leaves from
      that old plants

      • There is no such issue regarding the age of Simarouba tree. Basic property comes in in the sapling stage itself. The issue is if one starts harvesting leaves at the tender age, survival of the plant wiil be at stake. Hence it is preferable that when the plant is 3 to 4 years old, you can pluck leaves ensuing that you do not harm its’ growth,

    • You need to source bark from the same person in SA from whom who have bought Simarouba leaves. Check with international couriers like DHL, TNT etc. whether they can get the material from India & clear through Customs in SA as I am NOT clear what is the import policy of SA to source organic medicine from outside SA. If the courier guy says YES then you can get it from India. Or alternatively, if any of your friends / relatives come to India, then they can carry Simarouba bark with them.

  27. it will be easier for communication if you converse in English.Simarouba will cure metastases if you follow a regime.

  28. Sir,

    I am from Mumbai and will be interested to know who grows tree of Lakshumi Taru in Maharashtra.
    I need all the parts of this tree.

    What about Amravathi in Maharashtra who grows this?


    • Dear Mr Chandrashekhar,

      I suggest you contact Pune Agricultural University since Dr Lele from Pune looks to have undertaken detailed study on Simarouba. You can get the details of his contact from Net when you Google.

  29. hi there, I got this powder from a friend, however I need to get more. I live in SA and whom can i contact for it.

    • Simarouba Powder – please refer my detailed mails to you on gmail in this regard. Please let me know import regulations of SA as to whether the government allows from India & the details of documentation requirement from exporter from India to facilitate hazzle free imports to SA. When once the matter is clear, we can have a dialogue.

    • Normally those suffering from Cancer would like to keep their identities secret – obviously for many reasons. Hence without permission from them, the details of those who got the benefits from Simarouba cannot be divulged. Last year I was interviewed by a Journalist from Hyderabad and excerpts of interview have appeared in the magazine – “Harmony- Celebrate Age – October 2014 edition” published by India Today group Mumbai. You can write to me a directly an e-mail and I will send you e-copy.

  30. Shankara Rao Sir,

    My sister aged about 42 years recently got diagnosed with Breast Cancer and MRM was performed. Pathology reports confirm that the cancer is of Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

    The doctors who performed the surgery are saying that the normal Chemotherapy may sometimes not work for this type Breast Cancer which is very rare.

    Please could you guide us what could be other options that we could look for. Can we look for Simarouba as an option.
    If so request you to let us know how do we order for the medication etc.


    • Dear Mr Ravi,

      Simarouba medication has given relief to many patients suffering from breast cancer – many are under treatment from my side. Your sister needs to take the medicine with all sincerity. Definitely she should try and pray God to cure the disease with Simarouba. Kindly send me to my e-mail ID: – all scanned copy of medical reports (photographs not required) – diagnostic report, PET scan /CT scan / MRI scan – latest reports for my analysis. Also discharge summary of the hospital where she was operated upon. Her physical weight and currently under what treatment she is undergoing. Bangalore you can collect the medicine from me & if you are located outside Bangalore, medicine can be couriered.

      Best Wishes

  31. Rao,

    Myself am arun from chennai, my brother diagnosed as lymphoma predominance and today we are undergoing PET scans and other tests. Simarouba will help him? he is perfectly alright its shock for our family, no symptoms of cancer. Please reply I will reply once i got the reports

    • Dear Mr Arun – Simarouba is very effective for lymphoma. If you can send me all medical reports right from diagnosis to present scans, I can suggest required dosages / supply Simarouba powder. Since I am leaving to Boston on 9th Sept 2015 & from there to Toronto on 25th Sept if you want my services. There is no cure from alopathy but the treatment one undergoes is painful and becomes ineffective finally. But Simarouba is the only medicine for lymphoma without absolutely mo side effects. My Contact details: E-mail: / mobile : +919900197819.

      Best Wishes … Shankara Rao

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