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Simarouba | As Cancer Cure!

I have my mother fighting against breast cancer. We almost went till a moment where we thought we are in a losing game, but touch wood, we are fighting back again. Some one referred an complementing medicine to Alopathic Cancer Treatment, which is more on the Chemo or Radiation. This medication is based on the leaves and bark extract of a commonly growing tree and this treatment has no side effects and pretty simple to follow.

The tree is called as Simarouba Glauca and it is native to South America, Known to grow in the harder terrains and requires no care at all once it actually finds roots after planting. There are a lot of articles on this tree in the net, but they are more on the commercial yields like the oil and fruit pulp etc., but little less on the medicinal properties of the tree. Was googling a lot on this tree and its uses and in specific for some scientific papers on the same and found some. Just wanted to write this post so that it might help others who might find this useful and fighting cancer. Wanted to give a live case scenario based on our use and also the scientific paper which I dig one.

Our Experience.

My Mother is undergoing the Secondary Chemotherapy Treatment and this time she is on Paclitaxel. On Weekly Dosage. For the first weeks, the WBC, Haemoglobin and RBC count where contantly dropping and the common side effect of Nausea and disturbance in Bowel movements and loss of Appetite.

We went and met these people who suggested this treatment and started the Simarouba Leaves treatment along with the weekly chemotherapy. In our Preliminary Chemotherapy which was done in end of 2009, From the third cycle she started getting deteriorating on the above said side effects and got worsened till she completed the sixth Cycle. Not to mention the Loss of Hair and Darkening of Nails.

This time, there was a change. Once we started this therapy, the blood count became normal. There is Loss of hair and darkening of nails, but comparatively, the loss of appetite and disturbance in bowel movements is more or less nil. She cooks her own food and she is on her own. Her Haemoglobin has been always around 8.5 yo 9.5 and WBC above normal levels.

The Tolerance level is much higher and in the CT done in the end of Sixth Cycle in the secondary Chemo, there was a considerable reduction in the Tumor size. In short, We definitely feel its working.

Reference 1


//Another area of research on simarouba and its plant chemicals has focused on cancer and leukemia. The quassinoids responsible for the anti-amebic and antimalarial properties have also shown in clinical research to possess active cancer-killing properties. Early cancer screening performed by the National Cancer Institute in 1976 indicated that an alcohol extract of simarouba root (and a water extract of its seeds) had toxic actions against cancer cells at very low dosages (less than 20 mcg/ml). Following up on that initial screening, scientists discovered that several of the quassinoids in simarouba (glaucarubinone, alianthinone, and dehydroglaucarubinone) had antileukemic actions against lymphocytic leukemia in vitro and published several studies in 1977 and 1978. Researchers found that yet another simarouba quassinoid, holacanthone, also possessed antileukemic and antitumorous actions in 1983. Researchers in the UK cited the antitumorous activity of two of the quassinoids, ailanthinone and glaucarubinone, against human epidermoid carcinoma of the pharynx. A later study in 1998 by U.S. researchers demonstrated the antitumorous activity of glaucarubinone against solid tumors (human and mouse cell lines), multi-drug-resistant mammary tumors in mice, and antileukemic activity against leukemia in mice.//

I googled for some detail on the Quassinoid which is told to be glaucarubinone, the major component in the Simarouba Glauca leaves.

Reference 2


This talks on the AntiCancer properties of Glaucarubinone



A series of glaucarubinone analogues, obtained from natural sources as well as synthesized by us, were studied both in vitro and in vivo. The focus of the in vitro assessment was to define solid tumor-selective compounds by quantitating differential cytotoxic activity between murine and human solid tumor cells and either murine leukemia or normal cells. Subsequent in vivo studies were aimed at determining the therapeutic efficacy of these analogues against the murine models. Structure-activity analysis consequent to both the in vitro and in vivo studies demonstrated that few changes could be made in the parent glaucarubinone structure (outside of the C-15 position) without abrogating either cytotoxicity or potency. However, significant changes could be made at the C-15 position which modified, either enhanced or diminished, in vitro differential cytotoxicity, potency, human solid tumor selectively, and differential cytotoxicity to a MDR-expressing murine mammary tumor.


This is a published Medical Article in the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

To Conclude, When you actually see your near and dears struggling with a chronic disease, you tend to do anything and everything possible to keep the pain down. This is was one such try which has made me feel that it has done some help to her. Sharing my experience so that it might be useful to someone some where.

Photograph Courtesy : Ed Weislo,


Re-Edited – 1st Sep 2014

Mom Passed away in May 2012. I really dont know if Simarouba worked or not. But one thing is sure. She had a less painful death in my honest opinion. Till 10 Days before she passed away, she was cooking her own food and was on her own. She was in her full senses till the last few days. Doctors gave her a time line of 18 Months when she was diagnosed and she fought for 34 Months.

I consider this entire episode as Hope. When you have nothing else to do than to hope, why not try this? All the best to all fighting souls out there.





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  1. Rashmi mishra

    Rashmi mishra

    My mother is suffering from stomach cancer . We have started chemotherapy for her but she is facing vomiting and appetite loss .i want to give simarouba to her . Do you have any case studies where it has healed stomach cancer completely

    • Shankara Rao T S

      Shankara Rao T S

      If your mother had huge lump sitting in stomach, operated already, then Simarouba will help to cure metastases completely. If the lump is too huge & not operated then Simarouba will stop further spread as well as growth of tumor & acts very slowly in reducing the volume. But effectively help in countering the side effects of chemotherapy. Case studies cannot be mailed but can be shown if you visit me in person since I keep patient details strictly confidential.

  2. Padma


    Hi Shankar Sir, I have met Dr.Joshi and very impressed with the feedback left there by cancer survivors.. can you pl advise if this medicine can be taken by a healthy person as a tonic/preventive step .. is there any impact of this medicine like hair loss,etc., if taken by a healthy person… pl revert

    • Shankara Rao T S

      Shankara Rao T S

      Dr Joshi is my mentor. Did you check with him ? He is such a nice person, you can talk to him & get the info. I suggest that you get required info from him since between us, we have decided not to entertain each others’ cases. It is better for all of us

  3. Ash


    Are there ways to get a hold of the leaves/tables/powder outside India?

    Or, are there distributors in India who export it outside, or sell it in sealed containers that can be taken outside India to treat someone who is out of the country?


  4. arvind


    Is there anyone who lives in Bangalore? I need its leaves. Please contact me @ 09808408008
    I’ll pay for the postage charges.

  5. Gayatri


    Laxmitaru leaves, graviola leaves, ashwagandha leaves for cancer , blood cancer, arhtritis patients is available in Mumbai Nr. Tata cancer hospital. Gayatri Ayurved provide all these leaves at reasonable cost of Rs250. They also arrange a home delivery all over India. They also have cancer Drs & provide all information & diet support. They also have fresh Graviola / soursop fruit & fruit juice, Nano Activated Silver, Curcumin extract. You can contact them on 9619777947.

  6. shraddha deo

    shraddha deo

    hello sir i have contact no please i m complit kimo surgery and rediation please i have some guide about dr medicine

    • Shankara Rao T S

      Shankara Rao T S

      You may contact Dr Shyamasundar Joshi Bangalore – mobile # +91 94486 84021 immediately or Shankara Rao Bangalore – mobile +91 99001 97819 after 22nd April 2016 with all your medical reports for further consultations for using Simarouba herbal medicine

    • Neena Jagadeesh

      Neena Jagadeesh

      Dried Simarouba leaves are available Rs.250/- for 250 grams (sufficient for two months). Courier charges extra (Rs.100/-) Please send by SMS your address to 09946796446.

  7. Mohammed Azhar

    Mohammed Azhar

    Hi sir my father is suffering from carcinoma of tongue (tongue cancer) and surgery had done.B doctors had said to take chemo radiation for further process.So please help me how Simarouba is used by ignoring chemo radiation .please sir reply to my question..

  8. Akanksha


    Hi Doctor,

    My mother has been diagnosed with Primary Peritonial Cancer recently and doctors are saying its stage IV, she has lost her appetite and there is continuous bloating. WE have heard from one of our friends regarding this medicine. Her first chemo has already been done and she is becoming weak with each passing day. Please advice can this medicine help in bringing her appetite back and fighting the disease.
    Hoping for your early response.

    • Shankara Rao T S

      Shankara Rao T S

      Simarouba certainly will help not only to stop cancer spreading ( metastases) but also kills a group of cells forming cancer. Without knowing the details of investigation as well as any clinical procedure your father has undergone, I cannot comment on tongue cancer. I need to go through the medical reports — such as pathology, PET/CT scan or MRI reports before suggesting Simarouba medication. If you are in India, you can mail me – if you agree – all scanned reports ( no photographs please) for my review and discussions before Simarouba medicine could be started.My e-mail ID:

    • Shankara Rao T S

      Shankara Rao T S

      Yes. Simarouba effectively brings back the appetite while fighting cancer and at the same time strengthens the system – removing side effects of chemotherapy. Bloating of her stomach .. due to gas ? Simarouba certainly cures chronic gas & acidity as well. If you are in India, if you agree to take Simarouba medication then please mail me ( complete medical reports – scanned copies – right from diagnosis (pathology report) PET / CT scan or MRI reports etc., till discharge summary of first cycle chemotherapy – for my review & discussions, My recommendations will follow thereafter.

  9. Kamath


    Are there patients who have not taken chemo and have relied only on the simarouba herb ? My mom is diagnosed with ppc (peritoneal carcinoma) just finishing pet scans today and will know the staging of it hopefully .. Irrespective of this is it feasible to rely on simarouba for a patient aged 69 who is able to walk , eat etc

  10. vinutha


    hello sir
    my mother is suffering from duct carcinoma detected last week. but the cancer cells are appears like small lump distributed here and there in area of 2 inches it is not continuous lump. the doctor is telling that before operation he need to reduce the size of the lump. my question is my mother can take this simarouba medicine even after her operation? or before operation also.

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