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Amul Sangeetha Maha Yudham

The episode telecast on 19th Sep 2010

I haven’t followed this Music show except a few glimpses when my mom watches it and when I move across the hall. I watched it for a few minutes today. Except Chinmayi’s presentation everything is berserk. Extremely un professional. Sun TV should have learnt it from Vijay TV and how to have some amount of professionalism in a show. Its obvious that with a show of this kind, with the same faces which sang in Airtel Super Singer, Chinmayi, Sree Lekha Parthasarathy, Mathangi etc., replicating in this show also, a comparison between both the shows becomes natural.

Before jumping into the comparison, the hard bumps.

  1. Devan singing Vanitha Mani with a sore throat. As a real professional, he should have stayed out of this episode when he had a sore throat. Second thing, he killed the song. From the start to end he just massacred it. The pronunciation was wrong, there was mismatch everywhere and a street side kacheri singer would have done a wonderful job compared to what he did on this episode.
  2. The worst part is, the special judge Usha Uthoop, The other judges lauded this performance to the greater extent.
  3. The marks where sky high for this mediocre performance and this was the semi finals it seems. Kashta Kaalam.
  4. The next performance where all four singers sang together in sync. There too, the wordings were wrong, there was half note everywhere and it was extremely pathetic except a few places where the kiddos really shined.

Now to the comparison, what said and done, eventhough a lot of people call the Airtel super singer was a emotional crowd puller based on situations created to kindle the emotions participants and their family members, it had its basics right. The fault tolerance was almost nil and only the best could possibly come up. The judges where bang on target and the performance was made sure to be professional. And sure the show was professional. It had a pull to make you wait for someone’s performance and simply, it was nice.

SunTV still thinks they can replicate their cocky work of pulling an entire team from another channel and recreate something similar. I’m referring to asatha povathu yaaru team and the sloppy work they are doing. That atleast has a faint possibility to look better as it is basically standup comedy or slapstick comedy. But this is music and fresh talent. These kiddos try to showcase their talent in a forum and it is the channel’s responsibility to make it a right forum. The show has a grand set, a capable presenter, a decent panel of judges and still a huge lack of professionalism. Sun TV has tried hijacking the same team which was part of airtel super singer and is trying to make something similar.

The jingle, Digitally added claps, Catchy Artwork everything is there. But, the show ends up as a cheap copy.


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